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Cold in the Sun is the new book of short, sharp phrases conjured up from the darkly comedic mind of artist and writer Mark Michael. This collection boils down the absurdities of 21st century life into hundreds of bite sized chunks, whilst being infused with elements of surrealism, satire, humour, hope, pessimism and optimism. All of which are entwined with Mark Michael's original artworks.
One thing is for sure, laugh or frown, giggle or flinch, you are bound to feel something.

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 Mark Michael is the Co creator and designer of the NEW board game.

Parking Debacle.


The AIM of the game is to be the first to get 2 hours of parking. To WIN this battle for real life’s holy grail you’ll need to use all your cunning and tactical prowess, to know when to form alliances and when to burn bridges, to haggle until it hurts and to embrace your dastardly side. If you like the sound of Parking Debacle and want to help share the fun, you can pre-order a copy on our website and learn more about the game.



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